Audio-visual productions

Realisations with application of small and large sound systems

Planning and arrangement of set decoration – from concept to realisation

Creative usage of the AV technology

Technical planning of event

Advising on drawing cost specifications

Logistics and co-ordination of assembly

Technical drawings and specifications

Accreditations, permits, certificates

Video projection and graphics

Advanced projection technologies

Fusion of projection technologies

High-quality signal distribution

Coupled systems of camera realisation

Stage lighting

Professional designers of stage lighting

Intelligent and conventional equipment

Own projects of stage lighting

Lighting special effects

Digitizing of events

Recording, post-production of video material

On-line transmission and distribution of digital signal

Moderated and simultaneous multiconferences

Multimedia installations

Adaptation of video systems to non-standard solutions

Quiz and interactive solutions

Seamless technolgoy

Video mapping

Rent of equipment and service of parties and meetings